Kagawa sensei kizami mawashi geri

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Freestyleartclub says:

lyoto machida is mixed martial artist..he trains karate muay thai,bjj,wrestling etc..he was champion because his mixed martial artist not a karateka…just karate not enough to be pro fighter

kankusho968 says:

I like the way he retains his control and balance throughout the kick. A great lesson for any aspiring kumite people. Too many kumite folks lean back and fall into the kick leaving themsleves prone and in serious danger if the kick misses the target or is blocked.

kankusho968 says:

You raise a good point here. Just 2 things thorugh. First, it’s one thing to say what you are saying regarding the counter, it’s entirely another to actually do it. Most wouldn’t as they would be trying to evade the kick (assuming they even saw it coming). Second, he is not teaching kumite. He is teaching basics.

XtremeFighterX2 says:

What countries are you talking about?

Freestyleartclub says:

dude do not you see how he landing after kick? straight away to someones counter elbow or counter cross punch.that kick would not do anything then giving you bad position after you done it. but you would not understand because never sparr or fight realisticly to understand what is jumping forward with open head like he does.

mlaumusic says:

Kagawa sensei has extraordinary kicking technique

person says:

He is not stiff at all. He is great. ( In my opinion)

Grimacebot says:

i like how he throws it from front leg and keeps knees bent

moodys06 says:


Hotora86 says:

I know :)

kenshin9518 says:

because lyoto machida is a shotokan karateka

Hotora86 says:

Lyoto Machida used a similar technique in his victorious fight for the UFC Light-Heavyweight belt.

chunchoe says:

something about this video , just so powerful! the way he explains without having to speak with his powerful actions

karateqigongyoga says:

a true karate-master, oss

MrMurf46 says:

Kagawa sensei is clearly a master , very direct and powerful technique, if used in a real situation would put an attacker on the floor easily.

jony2steaks says:

have no idea what you are looking at do you. I dont often feel sorry for people, but in your case i will make an exception.Do you really think that this man does not teach actual fighting. In any case that is not what karate is about, but you wouldnt understand that either would you.ossu.

kangahmtl2n says:

Someone following the bishido code wouldn’t question that

alexnickolaev says:

Maby countries, but not the people

ndileonardo says:

two countries still technically at war from their conflict at the turn of the 20th century. The irony is incredible.

TheWolfjr says:

(Quiz): I always would like to know this answer:
In a real fight to defending his life, who has the winner’s advantage: A master of karate with full knowledge of kata’s bunkai and makiwara experienced or a Wing Chun master trained in wooden dummy (mudjong). In your opinion who’s the one that would survive?

Derukugi2 says:

yawn…. outed as another clueless Youtube keyboard warrior.

Derukugi2 says:

No, it is not a “front yoko geri”. Actually, that word is a contradiction in terms :.-)
It is clearly a mawashi geri, starting with a push forward.

Naddig74 says:

I really…really…loved the ‘Osu!’ at the end. :)

mallardgreen says:


knitterhead says:

We call it promise fights.

BushidoCode72 says:

How is this incredible? How is he “not human?” I know dozens of Karateka (older than him), not to mention other martial arts masters (much older than him), who look better, are faster, and teach actual fighting. This is a game of point tag.

CaFEEize says:

what for flexibility! And his speed and power ! awesome.

smoothblue12 says:

This has got to be about the only time that I would consider it an honour to be kicked in the solar-plexus, if Sensei Kagawa was executing it.

sundomepharmd says:

his amazing flexibility is not human !

shatterhandeve says:

Nope , it’s a mawashi at 0:35 you can see clearly it is not a yoko geri

SuperDarkKking says:

I look like front yoko geri. Annyone pls advise

mmboaz says:

Kagawa é muito bom !!!
Pena que não há mais Karatecas como ele.

hhk213 says:

Simply incredible! Kagawa sensei is not human 😀 OSU!

shodo2007 says:

Dottore stil haveing good postings !!! Thank you !

Zielony18 says:

it looks almost like yoko geri …

fujicolt says:

again I suggest we have him shot - it ain’t fair -AWESOME SKILL!

Havers666 says:

osu! brillant vid thanks for posting!

chevytruckjoe says:

ha ha watching Kagawa sensei is sooo humbling! Great video and a great instructor.

zetaplus2 says:

Awesome video, thanks!

goraisan says:

thx for posting!

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