Oscar Higa – Shorin-Ryu Naihanchi Shodan

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Fragmenty kata Naihanchi Shodan. Hanshi Oscar Higa (9 Dan Okinawa Karate, 7 Dan Okinawa Ryu Kon Kai Kobudo). seminarium Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate-Do Kyudokan…


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Nik Br. says:

o que  o velhote ta falando eim???

MrParanormalist says:

Do you throw the blocks and strikes with your hips? I notice a fa jing like shake in some of the movements.

Search4diabetescure says:

After 12 years of classical Japanese Jiu Jitsu, I am finally making a change and doing Karate.
I had never been comfortable having another man way way way too close breathing on me, etc.
It’s just way too queer. Thank God, there is no ground work in Karate.

bobw72 says:

Soryu karate

Adam Łomiński says:

sorry, but no idea :-(

Gabriel Grove says:

Do you know of any relations to an earlier style called Soryu Karate? Michio Koyasu was under Kenken Toyama. Any idea of the roots?

sirchristian12 says:

I take Okinawan Shorin-ryu and I love it! I am a white belt and I am trying to perfect this kata to the fullest. I love this martial art and I love the lifestyle.
Peace to you all Martial Arts brothers

aiko4321 says:

Shorin Schools is doing this. This is called as kitae. It is not hitting. It is giving a muscle memory to the students with correct body alignments and positions by the impact. But, I have seen many Okinawan Shorin Ryu teachers do Naihanchi kitae, not only in Kyudokan. We don’t hit to test the muscle tension as in Goju/ Uechi shime testing by some teachers. But, most of Kobayashi Schools do the naihanchi kitae. It is not unique to Kyudokan.

ShorinRyuRonin says:

Never seen a Shorin style to hit in any Kata like Goju or Uechi ryu before.

menceyzen says:

impresionante la exactitud del sensei

FreeRealmsInvader says:

I learnt this and it’s so easy.
My teacher (which is not Oscar Higa) told us the story of this master Oscar Higa.
He was born in argentina and can speak spanish,french and a bit english. ALL the members of his family are doing KARATE!! IMAGINE THAT

Koryuhoka says:


What else can be said of the Higa Family?!!

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