The Best Karate Techniques – Part 3

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The Best Karate Techniques – Part 4 This video is the 4th part on the series The Best Karate Techniques . The techniques are performed by martial artists from all styles: Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Shito-ryu and Goju-ryu,Chitō-ryū Japan and Okinawa Shōrei-ryū, Shōrin-ryū, Isshin-ryū, Kyokushinkai Japan, Ryūei-ryū Okinawa Naha-te, Seidō juku USA, Shindō jinen-ryū Japan and Okinawa primarily Shuri-te, Naha-te and Tomari-te, Shitō-ryū Japan and Okinawa Shōrin-ryū, Naha-te, Shuri-tebino-ryu, Shōrin-ryū Okinawa Shuri-te, Tomari-te, Shuri-ryū USA Shuri-te, Uechi-ryū Okinawa Pangai-noon Kung Fu, Wado-ryū Japan Yoshin-ryu Jujitsu and Shotokan both, Yōshūkai Japan and Okinawa Chitō-ryū. The USA National School of Karate, a not-for-profit institution based the Karate and Self-defense Instructor Programs on the Spirit and teaching of the greatest Masters of Karate, The Karate and Self-defense Instructor Program can be completed by video execution and video evaluation. Also, our school will publish a Martial Arts book, free of charge, to all members (Non member must pay a fee for book publishing). USA National School of Karate Posted by Sensei Gualdo Hidalgo


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