Wado Kata – Pinan Nidan

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Tatsuo Suzuki Kata Pinan Nidan Karate Wado Ryu (Although the second of the Wado Ryu Katas this is often taught first). Video Lift. Why did I post this? Why not! There are others but without sound for some reason, this one includes the slow motion and narrative also. Also I won a competition performing this very Kata (Wyndley Lesiure Centre, Sutton Coldfield – about 1992ish).


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joebob2299 says:

Depends on what style of karate.

evilslore87 says:

haha i do know i train wadoryu…

159monroe says:

its supposed to be pronounced kata because its a japanese word

159monroe says:

thanks for the video, i have to perform his for my green belt grading in 2 weeks, just checking i remembered it correctly

TheFruitbatMusic says:

No he’s saying carta. Kata is a snappy word. with no R in it. he clearly says CARTA. & he says jodan UK (as in britain) when its jodan uke… he’s just a narrator that probably has never trained in karate. he was hired because of his voice.. he can’t pronounce for shit though.

evilslore87 says:

he’s not saying carta its his engish accent that makes it sound like that, an yeh i live in england btw its how some sound.

TheFruitbatMusic says:

irritates me that the narrator says CARTA

MrLordloganman says:


MrLordloganman says:

what tupe of karate because i on yellow belt test prefourmed chi kata

majin2912 says:

This is great. Seeing Suzuki sensei perform this at full speed is impressive.

mom2usafbrats says:

green patch. in mine it goes purple then green tho. then green patch. I may be blue (in your ranks), but i know kankudai, and jion (both black belt shotokan) and all regular katas (white thru brown stripe)

mom2usafbrats says:

whiute belt kihon kata shodon
yellow kihon kata nidan
orange/ purple pinan nidankihonkata sandan
green/ green patch pinan shodon, pinan sandan
blue/blue patch/brown 1 patch pinan yodan, pinan godan, nihonge
brown 2 patches 1st half of kushanku
brown stripe kushanku black big range of katas

KiaBieber1 says:

Pleas Read! Good vid! you really helped me! Today i got a Performance to do Pinan Nidan,Pinan Shodan & Pinan Sandan! I hope i get Gold!=)

savoryjs says:

Note that the first movement is a tettsu uke (hammer block) done from mahanmi-no-neko-dachi, translated literally “half body cat stance.” This is different from neko-dachi or your normal cat stance assumed towards the end of the kata. This is how Otsuka, the founder of Wado-Ryu, taught it.

popthatpimpel says:

thanks this helped me out for my grading i wasn’t sure about the end of it but now i know i am right thank you

Jrey4ever says:

Pinan Nidan is the Yellow Belt kata

Doshs3 says:

good luck man

drilledtooth says:

i learned this white belt

nazacuckoo98 says:

In my karate class this is exactly the same except the first move is a catstance and a hammer block. I need this kata to get my third belt (orange)

dutty72 says:

I’ve just taken up Wadu Ryu…….what video is this taken from? Would love to try and get my hands on a copy…..

michal19911000 says:

hi itsw alern movie heis teh top in wado ryu karate…

michal19911000 says:

its’ amezing !!!

Jeffyboy849 says:

um, in my karate this is pinan shodan, you need to know this for green belt, so I don’t think this is a blackbelt kata because I am a Blue belt…

ChocolateMelloLover says:

Big help! Arigato!

After reaching my brown belt about two years ago I had to finish my training as my parents divorced. I am now intersted in taking Wado Ryu up yet again and would love to brush up my skills and these videos are very professional and helpful.

Thanks again ^.^

martianbasilisk says:

what style is this? i’m a balck and white in wado ryu lol.

sirsmokealotz says:

Well done on getting your yellow belt!
Where do you do Wado Kai?

hannah00009 says:

pinan shodan our second kata although it suposed to be first, then nidan is our first but suposed to be 2nd, ich ni then san 1 2 3 exuse the spelling of numbers

ChicanoHispano says:

So you don’t do first or second basic kata?

njtr says:

Never mind. I think I remember reading that Master Funakoshi changed the order. He felt that pinan nidan was easier to learn than Shodan. Thus, he taught nidan first, and made it heian shodan. Good training.  Oss.

njtr says:

This looks very similar to heian shodan in Shotokan. Are you sure that this isn’t called pinan “SHODAN?” Pardon me for my lack of knowledge about the pinans. I just want to get it straight. Oss.

zebraworld45 says:

Sorry I ran out of space! SENIOR BROWN is Nai Hanchi – Sei Shan – Chinto!

Again, thanks for posting.

zebraworld45 says:

Thanks for posting this I have recently took an early grading to become a yellow belt instead of waiting because my sensei thought I was good, but when I was taught I couldn’t remember the kata! I do Wado Kai karate and we have those katas too, I think. My grading syallabus says….
YELLOW Pinan Nidan GREEN Pinan Shodan Pinan Sandan BLUE Pinan Yodan Pinan Yodan PURPLE Pinan Yodan Pinan Godan JUNIOR BROWN Kushanku Plus Examiners choice of Pinan Kata MIDDLE BROWN Kushanku & Nai Hanchi SENIOR BROWN

ljsb123 says:

oh thank you! :) haha yeah i know! i cant wait for my first yudansha! it sounds awsome! thanks again!

lewis :)

jaronby says:

congrats, Welcome to the club of yudansha
Now you really will start to learn karate..
Have fun with it!
friendly greetings,
Jaron Legel

exorcisttkl says:

very powerfully done

trap0001 says:

This is what is written in my garding syllabus, doubtless others will disagree:-
8th Kye (Yellow) – No Kata
7th Kyu (Orange – Pinan Nidan
6th Kyu (Green) – Pinan Shodan, Pinan Sandan
5th Kyu (Purple) – Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yondan
4th Kyu (Blue) – Pinan Yondan, Pinan Godan
3rd Kyu (1st Brown) – Ku Shanku, Examiner’s Choice
2nd Kyu (2nd Brown) Ku Shanku, Nai Hanchi, EC
1st Kyu (3rd Brown) Ku Shanku, Chinto, EC.
Hope that helps.

MrSargeantDeath says:

hey all, great video.
I’m relearning some karate to catchup to near the standard i was before (brown)
I’ve forgoten which kata’s respond to which belt (aaah!) any1 know the names? or which belt pinan nidan is?



loool… his kimono is flaping very loud

trap0001 says:

COOL! Well done. I’ll be staying out your way from now on then, LOL! Never got past green myself.

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